The nature of the game dictated that the table be round, encouraging collaboration and teamwork. A round shape also meant that children would be free to run around the table.

The table design evolved with the changing needs of the project. Due to issues pertaining to rear projection, the final design needed a box at opposite ends of the table to accommodate the projector and one of the mirrors.

Final Table
Final Table

Rear Projection System

The height of the table was decided upon by finding out the average height of children between the ages of 7 and 10. We considered hip-height to be far enough below eye-level to allow children to look down comfortably at the display, but high enough to maintain an immersive environment.

The colour of the table had to be gender-neutral and had to tie-in with the graphics of the game. With that in mind the dominant colour in the table is green. For table design images, including images of the constructed table, click here.

Table Plan

Input Design

The design of the inputs evokes the collectible SunRays of the game. The cups chosen were to be big enough to fit the sensor, but small enough for children's hands. Inputs needed to be light so children would not get tired holding them.

Hygiene was a major focus, along with the fact that children might be inclined to put their hands into the cups and move the fan manually. Various designs were proposed including inserting a plastic cup that could be disposed of after use. In the end we decided upon a wire guard that could be inserted into the cup. This wire guard is readily removable and can be washed/wiped with disinfectant.

Input Design